Have you ever embarked on a journey of self-discovery? Then you know it is not a walk in the park. Life is made of situations that reveal to you who you are and what your life needs. Panseh  Tsewole has had one objective in mind and that is to help people find the value of self-affirmation and trust. He has always looked up to his mother for holding on to her dreams and never giving up on what she aimed to achieve despite the many obstacles she came across. This is what inspired him to never settle but instead challenge himself to discover more aspects of himself and better himself in every step he takes.

As you can imagine, Panseh Tsewole’s road to self discovery was no easier than anyone else’s. He first worked at the Bank of America as a Systems Engineer in Kansas City and Atlanta, GA.He however felt very passionate about the technology field. He felt that technology could drastically impact people’s lives.Panseh Tsewole witnessed the influence technology had on the success of organization and this convinced to leave his comfort zone to pursue his passion in the technology field when an opportunity arose to at an information consultancy for businesses. He took the job even though it meant he had to explore unknown ground, that is, live in the US Virgin Islands.

Panseh Tsewole did the job for a couple of years before finally returning to the U.S.A.He continues to pursue Information Security Consultancy with a local firm in Atlanta engaging in Information Security work not just locally but also internationally. His mother has clearly been of a great influence to him and he lives by the beliefs and moral principles that he learned from his mother. He remains inspired to stay forward-thinking as possibilities change.