Panseh Tsewole . His Views, Opinions and Biases !!!

Life is full of fleeting circumstances that quickly make us realize just what we’re missing. Panseh  Tsewole was able to benefit from such events by seeing how technology, though it was just a fascination he had for it at first, could create tremendous change in people’s lives. The fact that technology had been creating huge impacts on the success of any organization at attaining their goals and corporate missions was enough to send Panseh charting his own course away from the comfort zone he had built for himself with pure hard work. Mr. Tsewole had first worked as a Systems Engineer at the Bank of America in Kansas City and Atlanta, GA. When a special opportunity to do Information Consulting for businesses came up, Panseh took the job even though it entailed uprooting himself to live in the US Virgin Islands.

Endlessly admiring his mother, Panseh Tsewole has seen how his own mom was unafraid to change with the times. In his own words, Panseh has seen how his mom was willing to “try again-seeing the possibilities.” Mr. Tsewole has consistently been  inspired to stay forward-thinking as possibilities change, never becoming imprisoned by the what ifs and instead being motivated to go for the WHY NOT’S in life.

His mom has obviously been a huge influence on Panseh Tsewole. His favorite advice that he has gotten from his mom is this simple quote, “When everything looks negative, find one good thing and praise it.” Thus, Mr. Tsewole has been able to find that there’s more to the world than all the sufferings and daily challenges that people have to go through in order to become better individuals.